Friday, 28 January 2011

Something Blue

A personal project:

A very good friend of mine is getting married next week and I wanted to make her, her 'something blue', which would also count for her 'something new'. Although I wanted to do a garter, I didn't want to do a really lacey traditional one... so I found this great tutorial by the purl bee on how to make a garter from liberty fabric. Well I didnt use the same fabric, but something very similar:


close up of garter

I found the step by step guide really easy to follow, although I wasn't convinced my fabric was going to gather as much as the one in the tutorial after I completed my first line of stitching. But if you stick with it, it turns out right in the end : ) Plus it was really fun to make.

Monday, 24 January 2011

1940s inspired apron

So I finally got some pictures done of my next apron, this one is more 1940s inspired. It fastens under the bust rather than at the waist. The top part is cross over, with a cute rosette on the strap. And at the hem, there's frills! I got more lovely fabrics on saturday, so keep your eyes peeled for more vintagey aprons!

40s inspired apron, front view

40s insired apron: Close up of top

40s inspired apron

40s inspired apron, side view

40s inspired apron, frill close up

These aren't up for sale yet on my site or etsy, but if you're interested in purchasing any of my vintage aprons or are thinking of having one custom made, please drop me a mail at
See my 1950s one here!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

My 1950s style skirts

Time for another 'product info' blog : )

I love 1950s style full skirts, I love how they spin out as you move, but still look full when you're still.They can be so elegant and glamourous.

Although it's a bit more wasteful on fabric, one of the most simple patterns you can use is a full circle, which is what I use to create these 50s style skirts .

This pink one has no waistband, and has a petticoat of white net underneath.


This next one is made of some fun fabric - white with black numbers on it, I liked the idea of combining something a little unusual with a vintage style pattern. This one has a big waistband, with four buttons on the darts, it also has a net underskirt, helping it hold it's full shape, and it's just visable at the bottom of the skirt.

numbers skirt

numbers skirt: button detail

numbers skirt: side view

This next one is the same style as the 'numbers' skirt, but it's in some gorgeous strawberry and polka dot fabric, much more vintage looking : ) This was a requested custom version of the 'numbers' skirt. I like the buttons I ended up with for this, as I intended to use the same ones as on the 'numbers' skirt, but they just didn't look right. The ones I chose in the end were much better, the red fades into white, which goes well with the strawberry fabric.

Strawberry skirt

All these skirts work very well when teamed with a lovely 1950s apron : )

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Twitter competition prize

So I promised whoever picked the chosen name for my twitter id would get a prize, a newly made corsage brooch. Here is said Corsage brooch, made fresh today for the winning entry of @whimsywardrobe. It'll be on the way to miss.cox soon : )

twitter prize

Saturday, 15 January 2011

New 1950s inspired Apron

I finished this yesterday and it was too dark to take good photos, so I got some done today. It's part of my new 1950s inspired range. I'm starting with a few aprons, and will then move on to tablewares and possibly some peg bags, we'll see!

50s apron: cupcakes and polka dots side

50s apron: cupcakes and polka dots

 cupcakes and polka dots close up

50s apron: cupcakes and polka dotsfront

I'm being featured!

Just a quickie to say I'm being featured on Heart handmade today : ) Here's the link

Will be back later to post up photos of my new 50s apron.

Just one more thing, I found this yesterday, it's a project for february, where you aim to make one thing a day, every day in february, kind of like nano for crafters, although baking, writing and all sorts of things are included! I wish I'd found out about it sooner, then I might have taken part, although things are very busy at the moment, perhaps next year, I'd be keen to doing a vast baking project and do all those yummy cake recipes I've kept, but have never got round to making. To anyone who's interested in taking part, you can find details here.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Story of the 'Critter' Bag

One of the first products I came up with was the 'critter' bags. So I thought this might be as good a place as any to introduce my creations to whoever would like to read about them ;)

A good friend of mine has this yahoo group, called melted fabrics, where she sets textiles projects for anyone who'd like to join in. Well this is how the critter bags started, for one project I was making a bag, I can't even remember what project it was for... but I had this new sewing book which talked about finding interesting ways to do pockets. I had this idea that I'd like to have this big pocket, dominating the front of the bag. Now another project was on doll making... I wasn't too sure whether I'd take part in this... dolls aren't really my thing, but I looked around on the internet at sympathy dolls and other quirky doll creations and thought I'd have a go at doing a little monstery type creature.

Then looking at the two projects I got the bright idea that I could put them together, slip the critter into that pocket, let him poke out and wave, let him protect whatever might be carried in the bag. I loved the idea so much that I embarked on making several other critter bags.

I found that using cute little prints for the critters worked that best. And I also had a small stash of vitage printed fabric that I could use for the bags or critters. The rosebud bag and the two other flowery prints are vintage.

This was the first critter bag I made. I loved the rose print fabric and the contrast between that and 'star' the first critter.

rosebud critter bag

Rosebud critter bag

And here's a line up of the critters, I actually did a post on live journal on the secret life of a pocket critter, if you're interested it's here.

Meet the Critters

And here are some of the other critter bags:

Stripes critter bag

Polkadot critter bag

<numbers critter bag

Flowers and ric rac critter bag

Snowflake critter bag

I then went on to make critter notebooks, but I'll do another post sometime on notebooks and gifts... But what developed after that, after many people asking if I did the critter bags in a child's size, were the mini - critter bags : )

mini critter

mini critter numbers

mini critter puppy

To see more detailed pictues of the bags, inside and out, please feel free to visit my site.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Twitter Competition

So on my facebook page I'm running a competition for choosing Rachel's Whimsical Wardrobe a Twitter name... this is because when I went to join, I found that I couldn't have Rachel's Whimsical Wardrobe or Whimsical wardrobe because both are too long. So I thought I'd throw it open to my facebook followers to see if they could come up with anything, it can be up to 15 characters long, and has to be recognisable as the whimsical wardrobe business.

As it's a competition, there is a prize! I will make a new corsage brooch for the person who comes up with a winning name, if you don't know what my corsage broohes look like, then here's a picture  of some:

corsage brooches

So if you have any ideas please feel free to chime in on the discussion board : )

Thursday, 6 January 2011

January Sale Time!

Well I actually intended on doing my next post on a particular set of items from my shop, but since it's January and I have a sale on I thought I ought to mention that!

Below are some of the things that have made it into the sale, there's between 10% and 15% off these items, but not from the etsy store... the sale prices at the moment are only on my website

Also if you make it to the bottom of the post I'm including a code, which if you quote it when you buy something from either the website or the etsy shop, you'll recieve a free whimsical wardrobe gift! This will probably be a corsage brooch which would usually retail at £4.40! So as I say below are just some of the sale items, but you'll have to make the trip to my site to find them all ; )

The Big Pink Bag

The big pink bag

The Big Button Bag

The big button bag

My children's pinnys are in the sale

child's cake pinny

And also the kids' critter bags!

mini critter bag

And also my snowflake set

Snowflake notebook and pencil case

The little glamour bag

the little glamour bag

So there you are some of the items that made it into the sale : ) And if you do make it to the website and fancy buying something, here's that code for your free gift:


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Blog

Hello there! I've been blogging for some time now on live journal, but have decided I need a more specific blog for my business, so here it is... I should start off with a bit of an introduction to what I do...

Rachel's Whimsical Wardrobe is my homemade business, I design and make clothes, bags, gifts and other whimsical items. I love to make custom items, and welcome any enquiries about making a custom item.

On this page I'll be posting some of my new products, offers and anything else I think people might be interested in, including links to other crafty sites.
I love people to comment on my stuff and offer their opinions.

So here's some of what I do... I'll probably follow this up with posts on specific items, but for now here's a quick taster:

One of my 'critter' bags

Rose critter Bag

A summery top

summer top

A 'critter' notebook

A critter notebook

The Numbers Skirt

The numbers skirt

The little Glamour Bag

the little glamour bag

Custom Skirt

custom skirt

Corsage Brooch

fun corsage brooch

So that's just a little taster of the products I produce, so see more please visit

Or take a look at my facebook page