Monday, 6 June 2011

Long time, no post

I suddenly realised yesterday that it's been ages since I posted on either of my blogs, so I decided to add it to today's 'to do'list and resolve that.

It was a bit hectic here for a while as we thought we were moving, then we weren't and are now starting the process all over again, anyway I've managed to fit in some whimsical wardrobe activity despite all the packing and unpacking!

So a litle while ago I was making those vintage inspired aprons, well I decided to make some small ones for little people. That way mother and daughter could have matching ones, which I thought was acute idea.

Two mini aprons

Last year I was invited to have a stall at a charity coffee morning, this year I went again, the event had got bigger, with lots more stalls, and I'd learnt a few tricks from last year, the main one being displaying stuff, last year I had clothing lying on the table, it's hard to see that way, this year I had a washing line with all my aprons and mini aprons lined up. Unfortunately I took the photo after I'd sold a couple, so you don't get the full glory : )

It was a gorgeous day for it, if not a little windy and the morning raised over £700 for the children's hospice.

washing line at my stall


One more thing. One of my bestest friends is expecting a baby boy and I'm going to be giving making some baby stuff a go, I've already done some cloth nappies, as that's what she wants to use. But I figured it might be fun to put together some tutorials for making baby toys, while I'm doing it, so hopfully I'll be posting some stuff on that soon...