Thursday, 24 February 2011

More table accessories!

Following on from the last post, I've made some more table mats to go with some of the other vintage aprons... so you could have a set to go with any of them : )
Again the mats are quilted and double sided, with each side contrasting and matching one of the vintage aprons.

blue gingham table mat

blue/yellow reversable mat

yellow polka dot table mat

pink polka dot mat

reversble cake/pink polka

cup cake table mat

Saturday, 19 February 2011

New Vintage Style Apron, this time with table accessories!

So I have completed another vintage inspired apron, this time going back to the 1950s theme. And, also, this time I decided to do some matching bits for the table, this way you can have a themed dinner party! Tablewares to match your apron!

The apron is in black and white gingham, with the waistband and pockets in one of my favourite fabrics, strawberries and polka dots! On the strap a red heart shaped button mounted on a black button decorates where the strap meets the apron. The pockets have a lovely curve to them and have a black binding on the top edge.

1950s inspired apron: gingham and strawberries

The mats are reversable, gingham one side, strawberries the other and bound in black binding. They're quilted, so are lovely and soft, but will also protect the table from heat, and also washable.

I also added in some strawberry napkin rings, but I think I will make these reversable too, so you can mix and match with the mats.

setting the table - gingham

reversable mat

gingham/strawberry table set

setting the table - strawberry

Well I'm feeling ready to throw a dinner party now! You can check out the whole vintage inspired range on facebook, here.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Another Vintage Inspired Apron creation

So here's my third apron in my new range of vintage aprons... it's been a little while, as I've been away, absorbed by a very good friend's wedding and with house hunting.

This time I stuck with the 1940s look, as I really liked the last one : ) This one is in yellow with white polka dots and blue gingham, with a gorgeous binding on the pocket in white with lemons printed on it. Again there is a little rossette where the strap meets the bib part of the apron.

I know I feel fancy when I wear one of these in the kitchen - who says you can't look glamourous whilst cooking : )

vintage apron number three - front

vintage apron number three:topview

vintage apron number three:side

vintage apron number three:top view

vintage apron number three:pocket

Keep your eyes pealed for more vintage inspired products coming soon : )

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Corsage Button Brooches

I was reading a new e-magazine this morning called The Craft Tonic, it has craft ideas as well as features on sellers and links to useful sites. Anyway they did their feature article on things you can do with buttons... so I thought this was as good a time as any to show off my Corsage Brooches. lots of brooches

With one or two layers of knife-pleated funky fabric with a cute button centre, these make a fun and funky adornment. Wear as a brooch, put it in your hair, around the wrist... the posibilities are endless : )

Here's a few of them....

funky brooch

Heart brooch

stripey brooch

black and white brooch

With this product it's fairly quick to produce a new design, if the ones in stock don't suit, but you like the style... I love featuring buttons too, and as I've just for my mitts on some new old buttons, i'll probably be coming up with some more new ones : )