Tuesday, 6 September 2011

National Wool Week

I wish I could knit... well I mean I can just about knit one, pearl one, but a reasonable scarf is about all I can achieve, although thinking about it I vaguely remember knitting a mini jumper for Ed the Duck as a child - wow Ed the Duck, hadn't thought about his existence for years : )
Anyway yes I wish I could knit, or had the time to learn, I joined a knitting website ravelry in the hopes that putting patterns on a list ready to learn how to do them would get me started. Ravelry is great site btw if you are into knitting or crocheting, you can share your work, compare methods and outcomes from the same patterns, get free patterns, talk over knitting stuff, it's all good.

I think wool is a great natural material, at one time it was this county's biggest industry, it would be great if it made a come back. Anyway if you want to find out more about national wool week, look here

In honour of national wool week I thought I'd share some of my favourite knitwear... check out Kydel's page on facebook, I especially  love her Kimono slippers! And check out this gorgeous ruffled cardigan on etsy - just beautiful!
Maybe I might pick up the knitting needles again, after all it is national wool week ; )

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  1. Oh wow, I just saw this!
    Thank you for the link Rachel. Very nice of you :)
    I actually didn't even know it was National Knitting week back in September. How bad am I considering I pretty much knit every day!
    I hope you do pick up the needles again. It's definitely something great to do instead of fidgeting while watching the TV (like I do)

    Kelly x